Virtual Reality

Holo Cyberdeck - Our Reality is Better Than Yours!

Put on the headset and you are instantly transported into another reality, so real that you will not want to leave.

Take off the headset you are standing in an empty room. The bewilderment and amazement of what just happened overwhelms your mind.

Virtual Reality of the Future is Here Today

The following is a true story from Thomas Bresadola President of Simplified Entertainment & Events:

“I have always been on the cutting edge of new entertainment. I have been following the Virtual Reality world of gaming since inception. I have seen many variations and incarnations of the latest and greatest VR gaming systems. None of them impressed me.

Until now.

VR is incredible. After just 2 minutes of play time I purchased a VR system. I brought it everywhere. To every meeting. To every event. To every party.

I was not surprisee by the reaction to the VR system. Everyone was amazed. People who never played a video game were blown away. People who call themselves “gamer aficionados” were blown away. Everyone said the same thing. Where can I get one?

I would watch the people play. They would jump in the air. Duck down to the floor. Swing their arms, sway their body and holler with excitement. VR is changing the way we will participate with entertainment. Or should I say participate WITHIN entertainment."

Holo Cyberdeck

Simplified Entertainment & Events has created a one of a kind VR experience. Your guests will be able to experience the best in VR, playing the hottest battle games, rock climbing, creating art or facing their darkest fears. All within a safe environment.

We have 1000's of the best VR Experience to choose from. Our VR System can be customized to fit you specific event. Having a western theme party? We have VR western experiences. Having a Cosmic party? We have outer Space VR experiences. Whatever the theme we can create a VR Experience just for you!

Add-ons include a game recording system where the guest is recorded playing within the virtual environment!

Call us at 888-658-0515 to book your VR event today!

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