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Simplified Entertainment is breaking boundaries and smashing expectations with our latest innovation - the SMASHIT! Rage Room. This multi-tiered, immersive 'energy-release' event is not just a room, but a therapeutic arena designed to help you let loose and vent out all pent-up frustrations.

Our SMASHIT! Rage Room is a dynamic playground that can be tailored to your personal needs and spatial constraints. Whether you want to unleash your fury on a stack of energy releasing items or prefer a more subtle approach, we provide an array of choices to ensure an experience that perfectly suits you.

The crowning glory of our SMASHIT! Rage Room? It's a 100% mess-free zone! Immerse yourself in the liberating experience of destruction without worrying about the aftermath. We've meticulously designed this space for optimal fun and NO MESS.

So come, step into the SMASHIT! Rage Room - where stress meets its match, and you leave feeling lighter, happier, and remarkably refreshed. With Simplified Entertainment, it's not just about having a great time; it's about transforming your state of mind.

Create your "No Mess SMASHIT! Rage Room Event" starting with the VR SMASHIT! experience then add any of the following live action experience(s): Zombie Axe Throw, Nerf Target Blasting, Smash A Mole, High Striker, Rubber Chicken Stomp, Foam Ball Blaster Battle, Pool Noodle Can Smash, Electronic Drum Kit(s), Wobble Guy Boppers, Pool Noodle Walk Thru, Massage Chair(s).

Music, lights and sound add to the exciting experience of this super fun SMASHIT! Rage Room.

The SMASHIT! Rage Room events are customized to meet your specific needs, goals and room requirments.

SMASHIT! Rage Room events are all inclusive including those with disabilities.

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