Psychic Fair

Tarot Card Palm Readers & More

Psychic Fairs Are Fun

(entetainment only)

Simplified Entertainment & Events has friends with really weird abilities!

Tarot card and palm readers that have an amazing ability to tell you what happened in your past, what is happening in the present and what can happen in the future. It is really so much fun!

Simplified Entertainment & Events brings a wonderful setup that really adds to the atmosphere of the psychic fair.

We recommend a tarot card reader and a palm reader for any psychic reader event. A minimum of one each. For larger events multiple readers are suggested.

Our readers typically spend 5 minutes with a person. This is enough time to hit on some fun things in the persons life. Everyone will enjoy their reading and the added entertainment of sharing what the reader reveled with their friends.

The Psychic Fair show can be performed at any event ay time of the year.

The Psychic Fair show is all inclusive including those with disabilities.

The Psychic Fair show typically runs 3 hours.