The Best In Photo Shows

Capture the Moment with Simplified Entertainments' Photo Show Experience

Elevate Your Event with a Snapshot of Joy

At Simplified Entertainment we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with our Photo Show Experience. Imagine an event where the buzz of excitement is visible, where guests are not just attendees but active participants in creating memories. With our Photo Show Experience, watch as your guests light up with joy, creativity, and laughter, all while capturing moments they will cherish and take home.

A Picture-Perfect Reminder of Your Special Event

Why are photo experiences indispensable to any celebration? It's simple. They offer your guests a unique opportunity to carry a piece of the event with them. Through a photo, participants become an integral part of the celebration, deeply invested in the experience. These photos, displayed in homes or offices, serve as lasting mementos of fun times and spark conversations, making every snapshot a win-win.

Customized Photo Experiences for Every Budget

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, Simplified Entertainment tailors the Photo Show Experience to fit your budget. From minimalistic setups to elaborate displays with all the bells and whistles, we ensure your photo experience is nothing short of spectacular, regardless of financial constraints.

Introducing the 360 Photo Booth – A New Dimension of Fun

Elevate your Photo Show Experience with our cutting-edge 360 Photo Booth. Step onto the platform and be surrounded by the magic as the camera captures every angle, creating breathtaking, dynamic memories. It’s an immersive way to engage your guests and add a viral-worthy twist to your event.

Unleash Endless Entertainment Value

The true essence of our Photo Show Experience lies in its entertainment value. From the thrill of selecting costumes and stepping into character, to the shared laughter upon seeing the final shots, our photo experiences are designed for enjoyment at every step. Even spectators find joy in the process, making it an all-encompassing source of fun and engagement.

Professional Touch for Impeccable Memories

Our team of professional photographers, equipped with high-end cameras and lighting, ensures that each photo is a masterpiece. With on-site, state-of-the-art printers, guests leave with tangible memories in hand. Our experts guide each pose and capture, ensuring you look your best in every frame.

Explore a World of Photographic Options

Choosing the perfect photo experience can be overwhelming, but our professional event coordinators are here to simplify the process. Whether it's a vibrant backdrop, a thematic photo booth, or our exclusive 360 option, we'll help you select the ideal feature to complement your event.

Beyond Photos – The Sign Shop Experience

Why limit your memories to paper? Our exclusive Sign Shop allows photographs to be printed directly onto a variety of items, offering an innovative twist to traditional favors. Explore hundreds of customizable options to find the perfect keepsake that embodies your event's spirit.

Create Lasting Impressions with Simplified Entertainment & Events

Step into a world where moments are captured, laughter is shared, and memories are made tangible. With Simplified Entertainments' Photo Show Experience, including the mesmerizing 360 Photo Booth, your event will be unforgettable. Contact us today and turn your celebration into a collection of cherished snapshots.


Sign Shop

Sign Shop is a professional on-site dye-sublimation printing system. Sign Shop can print on fabric, ceramic, metal amd more. With so many choices to place a photo on, Sign Shop now has its very own page! Shorts, Ornaments, Street Signs, Water Jugs, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, Dry Erase Boards ...

Click To Visit The Sign Shop Page


Photo Booth - Simple To Elaborate

Simplified Entertainment & Events has created a photo booth that can do so much more than simple strips of photos. Guest can write on photos, email, text or publish to social media. Form simple green screen shots to elaborate customization of the photo booth, only your imagination can limit what a Simplified Entertainment & Events photo booth can become.


Old Time Photos

"I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl", as the song goes! Great old time western costumes and props. We bring a huge selection of costumes to choose from. So many costumes that deciding what to dress up in becomes a challenge. ( a fun challenge!)


Renaissance Photo Show

The medieval look is in! Become an intimidating warrior, a damsel in distress or the evil Queen of the land. Renaissance photos bring out the folklore of yesteryear. Great selection of costumes and props.


Retro Photo Show

Retro photo shows can be created for any decade. Just tell of the decade and we will bring the costumes and props for your guests to create a cool throwback photo.


Holiday Photo Show

Holiday Photo shows can be created for ANY holiday. Halloween, Hanukah, July 4, Valentines Day, Easter or any other special day that you want a memorable photo with your guests.


Awkward Set Photo Show

Simplified Entertainment exclusive photo experience. The Awkward Photo Show. We have created different photo shoot sets with actual props that are a bit awkward. Awkward moments such as Holiday Tree falling over, tripping, turkey falling from servimng platter and uncomfortable moments. This is a one of a kind unique hilarious photo experience!


Ugly Sweater Photo Show

Yes! We have tons of ugly holiday sweaters and made it a photo show! This is a huge hit! We bring the sweaters and your guest strike a pose. Combine this with a Awkard Set Photo Show and you will have an event that people will want year after year.


Halloween Prop Photo Show

Simplified Entertainment & Events is #1 with haunted houses. We have so many props we created a static photo shoot. Your guests do their best reaction pose to the haunted prop. It is hilarious at how people strike the craziest scary poses with the props.


Big Chair Photo

Big Chair Photos. Need we say more? Sure we do! This thing is BIG! So much laughter (and great candid photos - get your cameras ready!) of people trying to climb in and out of the big chair. Big chair, big props, big fun.


Super Sofa Photo

The SUPER SOFA! If you have the Big Chair, you gotta have the sofa. This thing is super huge. Large enough to stretch across. The super sofa attracts people to it like a magnet. The back of the sofa is large enough to place a huge banner promoting your event. Big chair or super sofa can be used separately. (It is better if you get both!)


Upside Down Room Photo Show

Stranger things happen. The Upside-Down room is just that. An upside-down room! This is a real room with real furniture that is built UPSIDE DOWN! Here is your chance to dance on the ceiling! Float in the air! Fly across the room! The upside-down room attracts big crowds. People will take photos of only the room because it is just that cool.


Giant Snow Globe Photo Show

We thought the Big Chair and the Super Sofa were huge! The Simplified Entertainment & Events giant inflatable snow globe is just that, giant! Your guests climb inside the giant air-filled snow globe for a one of a kind photo shoot. Did we mention that the giant snow globe can be used for any event? The backdrop can be customized for your specific event.


Snow Globe Photo Show

Too small to climb inside, so, how does the photo get in there? We snap a 2" x 3" photo and slide it into a secret slot into the snow globe. Shake it up and watch it snow!


Custom Themed Photo Experience

Simplified Entertainment & Events has everything needed to create a custom photo experience for your event. From sets, backdrops and props to full costumes and theatrical lighting. We can create the exact photo show experience that you are looking for to make your event really pop.


Halloween Costume Photo Show

Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween. However, sometimes they just don’t have time to get a costume. That’s where Simplified Entertainment & Events come in! We have a huge assortment of creative costumes for your guests to dress up in and take a funny photo. This is really a lot of fun and great for those Fall Fest events.


Giant Prop Photos

Super oversized props that can be used for super over the top photos. Animals, furniture, bottles, cans. You name it, we have it and you can take a photo with it.


Strike A Pose

The photo show that started it all. Strike A Pose is Simplified Entertainment & Events original and exclusive photo show that we created. In 6 seconds, the guest strikes 3 poses. We snap the 3 photos and print it them out on a super high gloss black & white photo paper. Everyone loves at how great they look in a black and white photo. Photos are placed in a black 3 window mat that can be decorated.


Movie Themed Photo Experience

If you are looking for a photo experience that is timely and pop culture oriented, then you need to do a Movie Themed Photo Experience. Simplified Entertainment & Events brings the costumes and props of the hottest current movies or television shows for your guest to become part of. Whatever is the latest greatest movie we have the costumes for a great photo experience.


Mug Shots

“Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?”, as the song says. Believe it or not, this is a very popular photo experience. Everyone wants to be baaad! Guests hold up their sign that can be lettered for comical fun. We also offer a mug shot photo show in Sign Shop. Your photo on a ceramic mug.


360 Photo Booth

Experience the magic from every angle with our 360 Degree Photo Booth! This innovative photo booth encircles you and your guests in a whirlwind of camera action, capturing the laughter, the poses, and the unforgettable moments in dynamic, high-definition video.


Ultimate Green Screen Photo Experience

Simplified Entertainment & Events can do ANYTHING when it comes to green screen photos and video. Flying, your face on another body, be part of a movie or in a famous photo. Anything you can dream up we can do it with the Ultimate Green Screen Photo Experience.