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Murder Mystery Rooms – Simplified Entertainment Original

Our Murder Mystery Rooms Are Exclusive To Simplified Entertainment

If you have ever heard “yeah, we can do what Simplified Entertainment does”, you are being lied too. Only Simplified Entertainment can DO what Simplified Entertainment DOES!

We say this because the quality of our events is better than theirs. We have seen their product. In our opinion, it doesn’t come CLOSE to what we provide.

Our Murder Mystery Rooms are custom built for Simplified Entertainment. Our Murder Mystery Rooms are EXCLUSIVE to us. No, the competitors CANNOT do what we do!


A murder mystery room is an environment containing clues to solve a crime. The room is designed with all the necessary props, audio and visual effects for you to find out who committed the crime. They come complete with everything needed for the game including suspect and witness information.

A Murder Mystery Room Is A Unique Experience

It is amazing how people work under pressure. Some people rise to the occasion and others just quit! We have seen it all with the escape rooms. All the while, the players are working together and cheering each other on to finish the puzzle and escape! A lot of pats on the back are seen in this multiplayer game.

How is a Murder Mystery Room Different From An Escape Room?

When playing an escape room, players must find clues to open locks. Each lock opened leads the players to the next clue. Escape rooms have a linear play timeline which means the locks must be opened in the correct order to escape. The players work as one team working toward the common goal of escaping the room before the time runs out.

Murder Mystery Rooms are a self-contained crime scene with all the clues ready for you to solve the crime. There are not any locks to open. Guests are given a time limit to examine all of the evidence and then work together as a team to find out who killed the victim, how they did it, where they did it and why they did it. The goal in the Murder Mystery Room is for each player to use logic and reasoning skills in order to come up with an answer which best fits all of the evidence gathered during gameplay. The guests play as a team, they do not all come to the same conclusion. When the time is expired the guests reveal who they believe is the suspect

How To Play The Murder Mystery Room

1 to 8 players have up to 50 minutes to solve the murder. Clues can be given, however time is taken off the clock. Everything in the room can be touched. This is encouraged. Players must communicate with each other on what they found. If they don’t, they risk not letting the other player know that a clue has been located and its meaning to the case.

Immersive Play Environment

Simplified Entertainment murder mystery rooms are fully detailed. Many of our clients remark at how amazing the murder mystery rooms are and they truly enjoy the atmosphere. Our murder mystery rooms immerse the players into the environment. Which make for a great LARPing experience. (Live Action Role Play)

We encourage players to dress up and become completly immersed in the game!

Largest Selection Of Murder Mystery Rooms

Simplified Entertainment offers the most diverse selection in murder mystery rooms. We can customize any murder mystery rooms to meet your specific needs.

Muder At The Salon

An old shack that once was a hideout for a mob boss.

House Fire At 1313 Mocking Bird Lane

A reporter is arrested for a murder he claims he did not commit. Can you find the real killer?

Night Of Doom

A video gamer is found dead. There are plenty of suspects and they all have a reason to murder.

Custom Themed For Your Specific Event

Have a specifc event that you need a custom murder mystery room? Yeah, we can do that. Just call us at 888-658-0515 and we will build it just for you!

Murder Mystery Rooms can be performed all year. Murder Mystery Rooms are all inclusive of everyone including those with disabilities. An EMurder Mystery Room event typically runs 3 hours.

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