Haunted Village


Simplified Entertainment's Mardi Gras Village

A Campus-Wide Spectacle of Festivity and Fun

Step into a world where vibrancy meets excitement—Simplified Entertainment proudly presents the Mardi Gras Village, an unparalleled event that beckons revelers of all ages. This isn't just an event; it's an experience, one that promises to captivate, thrill, and leave everyone in awe.

Transform Your Space into a Realm of Festive Wonder

Our Mardi Gras Village is no ordinary themed event. We specialize in turning any area into a sprawling expanse of Mardi Gras delight. Immerse yourself in a world where every turn brings new sights and joys, complete with novelty takeaways that are anything but ordinary. From creating your own colorful masks to crafting vibrant beads and even making personalized street signs, this event is designed to enchant and amaze.

The Exciting 6 Game Mardi Gras Carnival

At the heart of our Mardi Gras Village lies the Mardi Gras Carnival, a wonder of joy and cheer. Decked out in the most dazzling Mardi Gras decor, our carnival games are not only fun but are designed to elicit screams... of laughter! Explore each game and find joy in the festive hilarity that unfolds with every play.

An Atmosphere of Pure Mardi Gras Magic

What sets our Mardi Gras Village apart? It's the ambience we create. With stunning decorations, mesmerizing music, special effect lighting, photo ops and vibrantly adorned “French Quarter” scenes, we set the stage for an unforgettable festive adventure. Feel the energy as you step into our meticulously crafted world of Mardi Gras wonder.

A Magical Encounter with Our Close-Up Magician

Elevate your Mardi Gras Village experience with the mesmerizing talents of our close-up magician, ready to dazzle and delight your guests. Watch in wonder as magic unfolds before your eyes, with illusions and sleight-of-hand tricks that seem to defy reality. Our magician brings spells of joy and astonishment, ensuring that your encounter with the spectacular includes moments of sheer magical brilliance.

A Celebration of Inclusivity

In the spirit of true Mardi Gras hospitality, our Mardi Gras Village embraces all, ensuring that guests of all abilities can join in the fun. Accessibility is at the forefront of our event, making every festivity and joy available to everyone.

Join Us for Three Hours or more of Unmatched Merriment

Prepare to be enchanted by the magic of our Mardi Gras Village. Perfect for campuses and communities seeking an all-encompassing Mardi Gras celebration, our event runs for three thrilling hours. It's not just an event, it's a journey into the heart of festivity, promising memories that will linger long after the night ends.

Dare to Discover the Wonders of the Mardi Gras Village

Unveil the secrets, savor the celebrations, and join the festivities with Simplified Entertainment's Mardi Gras Village. Your adventure into the vibrant and sensational starts here.


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