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Jinx Magic Show

Magic Shows Are Fun

Simplified Entertainment & Events has friends in magical places!

The JINX MAGI SHOW is a wonderful evening of close-up magic with psychic and paranormal twists! Two of our best magicians will make a believer out of you that spooky fun sprits may exist.

The audience is intimate and close to the action. Right under your nose and before you very eyes you will see objects float, appear and disappear. You are so close to the action that you become part of the show!

Borrowed objects from the audience are used to enhance the close magic show experience. Everyone gets a close-up seat with our two big screen televisions and a wonderful set that will make you believe that you are in a Victorian mansion.

The Jinx magic show can be performed at any event ay time of the year.

The Jinx magic show is all inclusive including those with disabilities.

The Jinx Magic show typically runs 90 minutes.

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