Magic Holiday Village

Magic Holiday Village – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Exclusive To Simplified Entertainment

Simplified Entertainment has created a wonderful holiday experience for the entire campus. Yes, we mean everyone! The Magic Holiday Village is a great experience that brings the entire campus together for a great, fun time to celebrate the year that is passing by.

Magic Holiday Village – An Experience For Everyone

Here is a question: If you were to visit another country, wouldn’t you expect to experience everything that country has to offer? Sure you do!

Past clients will tell you that the Magic Holiday Village is for everyone. No one is excluded form this great wonderful atmosphere where your guest make great novelty craft items, play holiday themed carnival games and enjoy the music that the season brings.

Your International Students want to experience the American culture. The Magic Holiday Village brings to your campus the sites and sound of the holiday. This non-religious event is filled with happy music, games, craft novelties to create and snow!

We Make It Snow!

Yes, we do! Our snow machines will make it feel like you are in a winter wonderland! Well, the fake snow that it! So, you want real snow? We can do that too with our exclusive snow making trucks. A real mound of snow that you can sled on for a real winter experience.

Holiday Craft Novelties To Make & Take

Decorate a Santa Hat, Make Your Own Ornament, Art Names, What’s In A Name. Create A Candy Jar & more. We have nearly 100 different craft novelties to choose from Great craft novelties to make and take home.

Magic Holiday Village Gingerbread Man Escape Room

Only Simplified Entertainment could think up something that is this much fun! We created an escape room that is Gingerbread themed.

The Gingerbread Man has stolen the keys to the sleigh. You have only 20 minutes to find the keys and capture the elusive Gingerbread man! Great laughs and lots of fun!

Magic Holiday Village is performed November 1 through January 31.

Magic Holiday Village is all inclusive including those with disabilities.

Magic Holiday Village typically runs 3 hours.

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