Magic Holiday Village

Magic Holiday Village – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Simplified Entertainment Presents: The Enchanting Magic Holiday Village

A Seasonal Spectacular Uniting the Campus Community

Simplified Entertainment invites you to immerse yourself in the festive cheer of our Magic Holiday Village, a unique holiday celebration designed to bring the entire campus together. This exclusive event is more than just a gathering; it's a heartwarming experience that bids farewell to the year with joy, laughter, and unparalleled communal spirit.

Magic Holiday Village: A Global Celebration for All

Imagine if traveling abroad meant you could soak up every cultural nuance and festive tradition of your destination. That's the essence of our Magic Holiday Village. It's an inclusive wonderland where every guest, regardless of background, can forge delightful memories. Our past guests rave about the inclusive, vibrant atmosphere filled with hands-on novelty crafts, thematic carnival games, and the melodious tunes of the holiday season.

For our international students eager to explore American holiday traditions, the Magic Holiday Village offers an inviting glimpse into the festive sights and sounds, all while keeping the spirit non-denominational. Picture a place brimming with joyful music, entertaining games, creative crafts, and even magical snowfall!

Where Snowflakes Dance and Dreams Come True

Witness the magic as snowflakes gently cascade from the sky, setting the stage for a truly atmospheric celebration. With Simplified Entertainment's state-of-the-art snow machines, the snow adds to the enchanting winter wonderland. The falling faux snowflakes (made of foam bubbles) adds a whimsical charm, enhancing the festive mood and inviting everyone into a world where holiday dreams are vividly brought to life.

Craft Your Holiday Joy

Dive into a treasure trove of a huge selection craft novelties. From adorning a Santa hat to crafting your own ornament or concocting a sweet candy jar, our array of Make & Take crafts offers everyone a chance to express their festive creativity and take home a piece of the holiday magic.

Gingerbread Man Escape Room: A Festive Frenzy

In a whimsical twist only Simplified Entertainment could conceive, our in-house design team has created a Gingerbread Man-themed escape room. The mischievous Gingerbread Man has swiped the sleigh keys, and it's up to you to solve the riddles, reclaim the keys, and capture this elusive cookie—all within 20 minutes of laughter-filled fun. The Gingerbread Man Escape Room can be hosted as its own event or part of the Magic Holiday Village as an add-on.

Celebrate the Season with Us

The Magic Holiday Village opens its gates from November 1 through January 31, offering an expansive three-hour or more experience that welcomes participants of all abilities. This season, join us in creating memories, celebrating diversity, and experiencing the magic of the holidays like never before.

Step into the Enchantment of Magic Holiday Village

Discover the joy, the crafts, the snow, and the laughter that await at Simplified Entertainment’s Magic Holiday Village. An all-inclusive celebration that promises to light up your holiday season.

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