Haunted House

Haunted House Attraction


The quest for the best entertainment & shows is ever on going. We pride ourselves on making available to you new exciting innovative products that exceed your expectations and bring a smile to your guests.


Simplified Entertainment is the largest supplier of portable haunted houses in the nation. Our haunted houses perform in all 50 states throughout the month of September, October and November. Take our word and BOOK EARLY! We sell out every year.

Simplified Entertainment is a PROFESSIONAL designed haunted attraction that will wow your guests. The Simplified Entertainment haunted house will be one of two events on your campus that will attract the largest crowds. The other event? A hypnosis show!


Simplified Entertainment haunted house save you time, money headaches and everything else that goes into putting together a haunted attraction yourself. We do not build our haunted house a week before Halloween. We work on the haunted house all year round making sure that the haunted attraction is the best event.


Simplified Entertainment has the quality and the experience factor that you demand. Rest assured that the Simplified Entertainment haunted house is what you expect from our great company.

You supply the 4-5 people to assist with set up, 5-10 people to haunt (They wear their own costume) and 4-5 people for tear down.

The haunted house is 100% all inclusive and is 100% accessible to persons with disabilities.

Call us for more video links and the finer details to host the Simplified Entertainment haunted house.

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