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Haunted Carnival or as we like to say CarnEVIL!

Simplified Entertainment is known for a quality carnival game package experience. From the best themed Halloween carnival games paired with pumpkin flavored popcorn, pumpkin cotton candy and awesome Halloween themed game prizes.

We have two different Haunted Carnival systems. The most popular is the CARNEVIL themed complete with wicked cool carnival side show backdrops, great decor and themed Halloween carnival games. Our second haunted carnival is created with the red and white carnival set that is decorated for Halloween.

A wide assortment of flavorful Halloween concessions is also available. Flavored popcorn, specialty cotton candy, candy wall, pumpkin waffles on a stick and more.

Check out the video of the Halloween Village and see the Haunted Carnival in action.

The Haunted Carnival is all inclusive including those with disabilities.

The Haunted Carnival typically runs to 3 hours.

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