Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms – Largest Portable Escape Rooms

Our Escape Rooms Are Exclusive To Simplified Entertainment

If you have ever heard “yeah, we can do what Simplified does”, you are being lied too. Only Simplified Entertainment can DO what Simplified Entertainment DOES!

We say this because the quality of our events is better than theirs. We have seen their product. In our opinion, it doesn’t come CLOSE to what we provide.

Our Escape Rooms are custom built for Simplified Entertainment. Our escape rooms are EXCLUSIVE to us. No, the competitors CANNOT do what we do!

An Escape Room Is A Unique Experience

It is amazing how people work under pressure. Some people rise to the occasion and others just quit! We have seen it all with the escape rooms. All the while, the players are working together and cheering each other on to finish the puzzle and escape! A lot of pats on the back are seen in this multiplayer game.

How To Play The Escape Room

1 to 8 players have up to 20 minutes to escape. Clues can be given, however time is taken off the clock. Everything in the room can be touched. This is encouraged. Players must communicate with each other on what they found. If they don’t, they risk not letting the other player know that a clue or puzzle has been found.

Largest Portable Escape Rooms

Simplified Entertainment escape rooms are the largest portable escape rooms in the nation. Many of our clients remark at how detailed the escape rooms are and they truly enjoy the atmosphere. They've told us that "Our escape rooms are better than the local escape room in the mall!" Our escape rooms immerse the players into the environment. Which make for a great LARPing experience. (Live Action Role Play)

Largest Selection Of Escape Rooms

Simplified Entertainment offers the most diverse selection in escape rooms. We can customize any escape room to meet your specific needs.

Each Escape Room Has Two Sections

Each of our escape rooms have two sections. When players complete the puzzles in section one, a door automatically opens and the players make their way into section two. When the players finish the puzzles in section two, the door opens and the players Escape!

When the players finish the puzzles in section one & two the doors open automatically! (Game Of Castle doors do not have this feature because, well, no electricity back then!)

Magic Potions

Magic Potions is a “Potter” themed escape room. Players must find the treasure that was hidden by the Dark Wizard in his dark cabin in the forest.

Area 51

Area 51 is a 1950's alien themed escape room. Players are told their Uncle is missing. While they are rummaging looking through their missing Uncle's office, they find a secret door leading into a dark laboratory. Players must find the code to rescue their Uncle from the alien prision.

Game Of Castles

Game Of Castles is a “Thrones” themed escape room. Players are imprisoned in the castle and must esacpe before they are taken to the gallows.

Catch The Gingerbread Man

Catch The Gingerbread Man is an escape room themed for the Holidays. Players must find the keys to the sleigh that the gingerbread man has hidden. This escape room is only played November 1st through January 31st.

Witch Watcher

An exciting haunted themed esacpe room. Escape or become a ghost in the witch mansion.


A fun spooky alltogether ooky fun escape room themed after the netflix show "Wednesday".

Escape Rooms can be performed all year. Escape Rooms are all inclusive including those with disabilities. An Escape Room event typically runs 3 hours.

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