Diversity Game Show

It's All About You Diversity Game Show


Simplified Entertainment & Events has created a unique lecture in the style of a game show. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU DIVERSITY GAME SHOW. For the first time ever, listen to a lecture about diversity is super fun and totally engaging.

Our host of the lecture/game show is a certified diversity trainer and has a degree in psychology with a concentration on the human mind. The IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU DIVERSITY GAME SHOW takes the boring “lecture talk” and brings it into the 21st century with audience participation technology.

Utilizing the Simplified Entertainment & Events exclusive audience participation technology, audience are formed into teams. Each team discusses the trivia and then answers via our handset technology. Every trivia is specifically designed for to engage is discussion.

And to top it off there are prizes! Teams with the highest scores win a prize.

Simplified Entertainment & Events brings a huge 8 feet tall by up to 50 feet wide really cool backdrop set that are specifically designed for the IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU DIVERSITY GAME SHOW. Simplified Entertainment & Events has taken the time to be sure that our game shows are stellar attractions that will deliver a memorable experience for your guests. Our challenges are 100% all-inclusive including those with physical disabilities.

Typical length of the IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU DIVERSITY GAME SHOW is up to 90 minutes.

Performance requirements: Can be performed in any size venue or multipurpose room. The minimum space required is 30 feet wide by 15 feet deep. Preferred performance area is a theatrical stage with audio & lighting.

The IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU DIVERSITY GAME SHOW can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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