Glow Golf

Glow Golf

Simplified Entertainment & Events has created the largest portable glow mini put-put golf course. Courses can be 9, 18, 27 or a whopping 32 holes! The greens are so large that you stand on the green to putt!

Everything glows! The putters, balls and the course pop beautifully under the blacklights.

There are a lot of black lights. We use super bright blacklights that make everything “pop” with that magic glow. From shoelaces to the white in your eyeballs, everything is going to glow! The blacklights are so dynamic that nearly everything in the area glows. Laser lights add to the fun of the glow golf. The latest music videos are displayed on the wall for everyone to enjoy while hitting the ball around the course.

Can be played indoors or out. We recommend indoors because the darker the area the brighter the glow. Crazy curves and whimsical obstacles make for a fun and challenging course. We bring clubs, glow golf balls, score cards, golf pencils, holes, blacklights and laser lights. Each hole is no less than 13 linear feet.

Glow Golf is all people inclusive including those with physical disabilities.

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