Brainstorm Game Show

Brainstorn Team Trivia Challenge Game Show

Unleash Your Inner Genius with the Ultimate BRAINSTORM TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE

Prepare for the most riveting team trivia competition you’ve ever experienced! Win the BRAINSTORM TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE, and you’ll earn not only the right to boast about your team’s supreme intelligence but also unforgettable memories of triumph.

Simplified Entertainment introduces an exhilarating, brain-tickling trivia game show that tests the wits of the audience in a battle of knowledge supremacy. Teams form amongst the crowd, each vying to outwit the others in a dazzling display of intellect.

Throughout the spectacle, four courageous contestants at a time ascend the stage to secure extra points for their teams, with opportunities for over 30 different audience members to take the stage during the event. And what of the spectators? Thanks to Simplified Entertainments' pioneering audience participation technology, every team gets a thrilling 60 seconds to solve perplexing trivia questions. Prizes await in two categories: individual stage winners who amass the highest points and the audience team crowned trivia champions. The challenge promises both excitement and competitive fun!

A Visual Feast for the Mind

Immerse yourself in the BRAINSTORM TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE against a breathtaking backdrop set, sprawling 8 feet tall and up to 50 feet wide, meticulously designed for this intellectual showdown. Our contestant podiums, straight out of a high-budget television set, set the stage for a premium game show experience. At Simplified Entertainment, we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our game shows stand as unparalleled attractions, delivering memorable moments for all participants. Committed to inclusivity, our challenges welcome participants with physical disabilities, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

Event Details

The BRAINSTORM TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE spans up to 90 minutes of intense, brain-engaging competition.

Venue Flexibility

This captivating game show adapts seamlessly to any location, requiring just a 30 feet wide by 15 feet deep space. For an optimal experience, we recommend a theatrical stage equipped with professional-grade audio and lighting.

Tailored to Your Event

The BRAINSTORM TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE Game Show is fully customizable to meet the unique aspects of your occasion.


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