Bresadola Hypnosis Show


Simplified Entertainment & Events works with the client...
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We have reworked all our events to accommodate the social distance that you require...
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NEW SHOW! Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Experience is truly out of this world! From the hottest games to the most...
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NEW SHOW! Custom Face Masks

Personalize your own face mask with our...
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Thomas Bresadola - #1 Hypnosis Entertainer in the WORLD see why...
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game shows

Everyone plays at the same time with our game shows, more fun...
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glow golf

Laser lights, black lights, music videos, and the largest portable...
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laser tag

We create a huge playing area with the latest laser tag technology...
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haunted house

Certified haunted house pro's, scary tours available in every state, call us
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We're saving lives, making all aware of the dangers of distracted driving
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inflatables - on hold for fall 2020

Due to Covid-19 we do not recommend inflatables for large events...
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carnival games/concessions

Awesome games, awesome prizes along with popcorn, cotton candy and more!
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"Tommy Gunns" casino event features only the best games of chance!
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themed villages

Turn any venue into a festive, beautiful, colorful, all inclusive creative themed village...
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novelty - so many choices

Sign Shop, Strike A Pose, Name-on-rice, Lucky Bamboo, Gel Air Fresheners, we have a novelty event for every...
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photo shows

Old-time photos, renaissance photos, pin-up photos magazine covers, we will make...
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escape rooms

Magic Potions, Area 51, Game of Castles and more. Our escape rooms immerse you in...
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The best in Carnival Concessions...
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silent disco

The loudest Dance Party that the neighbors never hear!
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sign shop

100's of items to personalize. We have something perfect for your event!
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NEWS RELEASE July 31, 2020:   Simplified Entertainment has the coolest acts in the virtual environment! Form talented artists, carcturuists, comedy, lectures, escape rooms, magicinas, psychics, ghost hunters, mentalists and more. Call 888-658-0515 for more information.

NEWS RELEASE July 24, 2020:    Simplified Entertainment is proud to announce that all our events are 100% Social Distance compliant. We have been working night and day to make sure that we offer to you great quality events with social distancing already built in. From 6ft placement markers, no contact novelty take aways, plastic barriers and participant friendly sanitizing. Call 888-658-0515 for more information.

NEWS RELEASE July 17, 2020:    Simplified Entertainment & Events is now partnered with Virtual Events Biz! Virtual Events Biz is #1 in producing virtual events that have the look and feel of a television show. Nearly all of our events are now being produced for the virtual environment by Virtual Events Biz. We are very proud to be a partner with Virtual Events Biz. Everything they do makes the virtual event look like a slick television program. Best of all it is 100% interactive and audience engaging!